Our vision

The digital transition is on. It is accompanied by a formidable demand for IT infrastructure, drawn by the development of new uses : Internet of objects, cloud computing, fog computing, Video streaming ...


To meet this demand, companies are investing heavily in IT back-end infrastructure (data centers...). These investments are huge (from 10 to 30 k €/m² built), poorly profitable (20% is The average charge rate observed) and without the possibility of leverage (revenue per m²/kw frozen). The operating costs are there fore high and can account for up to 40% of the opex.


Companies also invest in "front-end" tools for business (tablets, desktop ...), the cost of which is excessive in terms of service rendered. Thus the annual TCO (total cost of ownership) of a workstation is Located between 1.5 and 3 k €!


The significant operating costs associated with the low performance of these infrastructures and a frozen business model (electro-dependency, no yield management tool) pose a burden on companies, a dual issue of competitiveness and business model, highlighting the importance of cost-to-performance balance.