Our ambition

With NUVEA and DotRiver, we help the IT infrastructure operators create a sustainable competitive advantage by optimizing their value chain from the front-to the backend.


In the current model, the frontend is based on the use of undifferentiated terminals according to usage.

The consequence :

  • A "Broadcast type of deployement" of costly work withhigh TCO (acquisition and maintenance in operational condition)

  • Billing for services 24/24, 7/7, while the average use of a terminal is 8h per day  

  • A dependency on software editors that often makes the wor environnement deployement strategy irreversible


In the current model, the backend is based on under-optimized datacenters, whose energy consumption and performance are decorrelated with the uses deployed on the IT infrastructure.

An alternative is possible with our Dotriver and Nuvea solutions that exploit virtualization, the approach by uses, the potential offered by open source and use data science to improve the performance of IT infrastructures while allowing to pay only what is consumed (pay as you use).