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Economic and social development, employment issues, environmental footprints, societal imperatives are all part of the spectrum of challenges facing Companies and Public Entities and which make them inextricably linked. Legislators have built a framework for compliance to guide and nurture good practices.
However, a question remains:

How is it possible to generate sustainable value while achieving economic, social and societal goals?

Reputation and image also have a role to play in adding to overall value: directly by creating trust, helping to build a relationship grounded in positive interests between the Company, Local Public Entities and Stakeholders; indirectly by reinforcing goodwill (rating, recognition by investors…).

So how can we harness the potential of these assets?

As consultants in ESR, New Generation SR offers an integrative response to these questions. By adopting a holistic approach to the issues at stake, New Generation SR can offer tailored advice and economically attractive services: we can contribute to developing a sustainable competitive edge.

We base our consultancy role on the creation of a unique relationship with our clients.

  • New Generation means a fresh outlook, innovative ideas and new paradigms. We are involved in numerous research committees, and aim to provide you with the best state-of-the-art practices.
  • SR as in “social and societal responsibility”, but also “social and societal returns – for profitability” – because in our view social and societal well-being go hand in hand with economic development. This is what ensures solutions are sustainable and economically viable.

Why not come and join those who have already placed their confidence in us?

Gilles CIEZA
CEO Newgeneration-SR

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NUVEA, yield management applied to your datacenters

DotRiver, improve your virtual open workplace